Your dedicated SAP Blockchain Consulting Partner

We strive to help SAP Enterprises get a head-start into exploring and implementing SAP Blockchain based solutions.

Who we are

We are team of inquisitive and curious experts in the world of SAP & Blockchain. We help enterprises leverage on the core values of Blockchain on their existing SAP implementations.

20+ years of experience

Multiple implementations of SAP in
various domains and companies,
including Fortune 500.

22+ clients

Successful implementation of SAP
Business Transformational Projects.


Business artifacts provided to clients.


Blockchain Development

Blockchain as a Service


AI & ML Development

Our Approach

We zynergise the best of SAP & Blockchain to help you build powerful solutions to take on the complex business challenges we operate in today’s environment.

1. Exploration

We discuss your business goals and will help answer the key question "Will blockchain work for you?"

2. Assessment

We analyse your existing SAP solutions & challenges and
discuss where a blockchain based solution can add value to your specific business cases and how to get it done.

3. Technical Selection

Our SAP Blockchain team
identifies the right SAP
blockchain platform to be used as per your business
requirements and goals.

4. Proof of Concept

We start with a framework to
develop a prototype as a minimum
viable product that addresses the
critical use case idenitfied from the
assessment stage.

5. Integration

We work with your internal business IT team to share our knowledge on other possible systems into which the blockchain data can be integrated to leverage blockchain's true benefits.

6. Implementation

Once the stakeholders are happy with the assessment, PoC &
integration outcomes, we then get started on helping you build the final product.

Our In-house Solutions

As an inquisitive team, we are always on the lookout to develop solutions to address
business challenges . Here are some of them.

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Other Services

As our core passion is to promote the potential and adoption of Blockchain for SAP
Enterprises, we also provide the below value-add services.

SAP Finance Consulting (S4 / ECC)
Blockchain Training
Blockchain Recruitment
SAP Project Management

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Sometimes just getting started, is a job-half done.

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